Terms of service

https://2cm.es Terms of service
Within our "Terms of Service" we do decree,
The guidelines to follow, for both you and me.
Creating shortened links, there are bounds,
Certain activities, where no leeway is found.

Fraudulent schemes, we cannot embrace,
Shortened links used to deceive and chase.
Phishing sites, illegal pages too,
Against the law, we bid them adieu.

Spamming, deceit, and tricks of the trade,
Using short links to spread a charade.
Indecent websites, we won't allow,
Respecting boundaries, we avow.

Piracy's grip, we must resist,
Shortened links leading to sites amiss.
Respecting copyrights, creators' plight,
To foster integrity, we unite.

So be aware, as you traverse,
The "Terms of Service" we immerse.
No phishing, fraud, or indecent show,
A safe environment, we bestow.

Together, let's build a space secure,
Where honesty and trust endure.
Respecting laws, avoiding deceit,
Creating a platform, strong and sweet.
Last Edited on 2023-08-13